Ayder Group of companies


Incorporated in 1988, Ayder Health is an affiliate of Ayder Group, which also contains Ayder Tourism Travel Agency, Ayder Transportation, Ayder Organization, Ayder Construction and Haşimoğlu Hospitality Companies. Ayder Group is a member of TÜRSAB, IATA, ICCA, UFTAA and certified with TSE – ISO 9001 and B2 international transport certificate and is active in many fields including national and international tours, hotel reservations, flight tickets, congress, seminars, dealer meetings, exhibitions and sports events, student, personnel and tourism transportation, corporate fleet leasing, VIP transfer and rent-a-car services, hospitality and construction and contracting. Ayder Health was built to boost quality and service standards in health tourism industry, backed with the power and assurance of Ayder Group. Ayder Health merges the most effective treatment methods and the lowest cost options for all patients around the world and an is an international health tourism company committed to offering its patients the highest standards in medical treatment in Turkey.

Ayder Health boasts about a powerful network connected to the most equipped hospitals and expert physicians in Turkey. Therefore, it ensures that you get “the most appropriate hospital for your treatment under the most favorable conditions and in the most comfortable manner”.  Turkey became an attraction center where the most important medical institutions not in its region but all around the world are located and where substantial investments are made recently in health industry. Therefore, a high number of foreign visitors prefer health institutions in Turkey for treatment. In addition, healthcare services in Turkey are much more affordable than Europe, which is a quite significant reason to prefer Turkey for treatment. The Ministry of Health of The Republic of Turkey issued bylaws for intermediary firms and certified them for health tourism services. Ayder Health is one of the first companies to be certified with AKO04.

Ayder Health chooses the most appropriate hospital and physician in accordance with the entire disease process of the patient and organizes the pre-interview with the physician, who is especially selected for that disease, on behalf of the patient. Ayder Health also guarantees the best price for operation and treatment in Turkey. With its professional team, strong network of hospitals and corporate infrastructure, Ayder Health is waiting for you to make you complete your treatment process in Turkey in a stress-free, comfortable and effective manner.




Serving in Rize – Ayder, Haşimoğlu Hospitality is an affiliate of Ayder Group.


One of the first authorized companies in Turkey in Health Tourism, Ayder Health is an affiliate of Ayder Group.


Offering service transportation, airport transfer, tours, VIP services, fleet leasing services, Ayder Transportation is an affiliate of Ayder Group


Offering turn-key services in congress and event planning for public and private companies, Ayder Organization is an affiliate of Ayder Group.


Focusing on high customer satisfaction in tour and travel agency, Ayder Tourism is an affiliate of Ayder Group.


Engaged in construction and contracting, Ayder Construction is an affiliate of Ayder Group.