Our Team


Ayder Health will make you feel like you are at your homeland while being treated in Turkey and enjoy a comfortable treatment process with the support of our sincere and professional team.

General Coordinator
General Coordinator

Treatment in Turkey is a detailed teamwork ranging from selection of hospital to organization of accommodation, from treatment to patient care, and issue of reports and their translation. Our coordinators help building the connection within our team to ensure a perfect process. Therefore, we make you get a unique support service for your treatment while enjoying a comfortable treatment.

Hospital Attendant

Our expert attendant will be your best supporter throughout your treatment process and will be by your side and accompany you at all stages. Our team of attendants consisting of nurses and experts specialized and trained in their fields will be at your service in many respects including patent surveillance, patient admissions, report follow-ups, operations and post-operative care. Our team will be honored to welcome each and every patient like a family member and to serve you at all stages.


Expert translators of Ayder Health will be accompanying you at every stage of your treatment for an easier communication and comfortable experience to make you feel at home. Therefore, you will be able to happily regain your health throughout a stress-free treatment process. Our expert translators will be by your side from the examination of your reports to the discussions with your physician and coordination of transportation and accommodation.

Application Advisors
Application Consultants

Once you contact with Ayder Health, a comfortable treatment process will be initiated in accompany with our consultants. Many physicians and expert consultants with medical education will not only inform you about the process but also examine your information and reports under the most appropriate conditions. Upon examinations, your consultant will perform and track many actions on your behalf including the selection of the best hospital and coordination between the hospital and physician for the treatment of your disease.

We are Ready for you to Regain Your Health. How About You?